Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Thankful for Him

We got quite a little bit of snow today, here in PA. The kids got out of school early, roads were bad, it snowed all day. I left one time, and it was a short distance. I vowed not to go out again!

My husband on the other hand, he left for work this morning at 6 am, like usual. It normally takes him 45 minutes to get to work. Today it took him almost 3 hours! And he did it without a thought. In fact, every morning he gets up, without questioning it, and leaves for work at 6 am to support us. I stay at home. I don't do rush hour. I don't have to be anywhere, most days, at any specific time.

I read in a book one time that said one big way our husbands show us they love us is by going to work every day. They leave the house, sometimes in the dark , sometimes in the cold , but they always go. Without question. They love us so much. They know that we NEED them to go to work for us. Especially us stay at home Moms. They work extra hard just so we can be home. And they love our children so much that they want what is best for them (which is us staying home with them). When you think about it, take the time to let it sink in, you really appreciate it 10 TIMES more! My husband left in the dark, in the snow, probably sliding half the way there....FOR ME. I am so thankful and grateful for him! And when he gets home I plan to make the house a warm and inviting place. I plan to have a hot dinner, that he enjoys, waiting for him. Happy kids that meet him at the door with a big giant hug. Maybe I'll pour him a beer or glass of wine to help him relax. He deserves it for doing all he does for his family. I love you!!


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