Sunday, January 9, 2011

it all slips away so fast!

I have learned, over the years, to treasure my children. I remember with my oldest, being anxious for her to make all the milestones as a baby. It couldn't' happen fast enough! I enjoyed my time with her, but always looked to the future. With my second and third I have learned that the time with them, as tiny kids, slips away so fast.
I am a stay at home mom. I am with my children all day, every day. My oldest and middle attend school (though that may be changing in the next year), but I am always with them when they are home. I have my days when I get annoyed, I do. But something has changed in me since really devoting my life to Christ. I don't let the annoyances rule me. In fact, I don't even let them get me upset anymore. My children are such a joy and the most wonderful gift God could ever give us. Kids will be imperfect, rowdy and energetic. It is in their nature. They are one big learning process and we need to shape them. We are their first, and ongoing teachers on how to live their lives. How to treat others. What values and morals to have. How to be a good person.
I know a few women who wish their children's childhoods away. Who let the little things that make children who they are, annoy them so much that it interferes with their lives with their children. It breaks my heart. Yelling screaming, punishing over little things,and constantly joking to others about how they want to give them away. Your children should never feel like they are a burden to you. Or a bad person for being a child (doing childish things)
We need to cherish every day with them. We need to take joy and pride in our daily work (even if the day is imperfect). Take joy for the Lord. And show your children to take joy in their lives and their work. It is what the Lord wants for us. Love those little kiddos unconditionally, like Jesus loves you (even if you don't deserve it). Love them, hug them and kiss them..even when they are misbehaving, or acting unlovable. God bless all you mothers out there!

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