Friday, January 7, 2011

How to be the perfect wife

I wanted to share this today with you all. I follow a blog called "women living well"

She posted a video on youtube called how to be the perfect wife. She was inspired by proverbs 7:10-23. check out her video here - I feel very strongly about this subject as well, and I think a lot of women out there aren't getting it. They sadly lose touch with what their husband's need. I've read a few good books as well, that touch on these subjects. They are well worth reading! One is This book has a lot of insight that is very valuable for us women to know! Another book that is great for husbands or wives is "The Love Dare". Whether you're struggling or absolutely blissful in your marriage, this is a great book to have!
I went to a seminar once on being the wife your husband needs you to be. And I learned a slew of wonderful new ideas. Example: how men would love us to do something they love with them, without talking. But one thing she said, that I will NEVER forget is this : "Be the woman you would want your son to marry." WOW! That was so thought provoking! Your sons will marry a woman according to how YOU treat YOUR husband and kids. Something to really ponder! Would you want your son to marry someone like yourself?

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  1. I love Courtney's videos!!! She does an awesome job.