Friday, January 21, 2011

An article about "Me Time"

Today I read a post about Mommy "me time", and thought I'd share. You can read it on a blog called "joyful mothering" here - . I recommend checking out for yourself!

I thought I'd add my own two cents on the subject. She Talked about how there seem to be 2 "me time" extremes. The "I deserve me time because I work so hard", or the "taking me time is a selfish thing to do" mindsets. She said she doesn't agree with either. And I agree with her. I've met women in my adulthood who thrive on "me time" and lots of it. Mainly going out without their husband or kids. Sometimes every week. It's not for me. It seems empty without my family. I personally feel I am getting me time when I am baking. I adore putting music on Pandora or itunes and doing my thing in the kitchen. I am also trying to do Yoga (to a DVD) in my living room. In both instances I am with my family, so I don't feel they are being sacrificed. But I am having "me time" right in the middle of it all. It doesn't have to be time away and alone from your family. But I do know that me time is an important thing. Even if it's baking, doing yoga, or even just blogging for a couple minutes. It's good for your kids to see you enjoying something too. As long as it's done in moderation.
Thank you to Christin, from Joyful Mothering for your inspiration today. Peace!


  1. Hi Caroline!! Excellent thoughts and thank you for sharing and linking back.

    I do plan to expound on the subject, so be sure to check back next week. :)
    Joyful Mothering

  2. It was a great post wasn't it!!!