Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Happy Marriage

I was excited to see that the pastors from my church ( http://www.exeterlutherans.org/ ) are starting a course called "Dynamic Marriage". Now, I have a wonderful marriage. We really connect on every level, and are the best of friends. I am very aware that what WE have in our marriage is not overly common anymore. However, I think this course is great, because I feel no matter how good your marriage is, there is NEVER any harm in working to make it even BETTER!
So, the pastors listed the Benefits of a healthy marriage for men, women and children. I thought I'd list them for you. It's pretty interesting.
Children who have parents in a happy, healthy marriage are - more likely to attend college, more likely to succeed academically, be physically healthier, be emotionally healthier, less likely to use drugs or alcohol, less likely to commit delinquent behaviors, less likely to be victims of abuse, less likely to divorce when they are married, less likely to become pregnant as a teen.
Men who have happy healthy marriages are - likely to live longer, physically and emotionally healthier, wealthier, increase in stability of employment, less likely to commit violent crimes, less likely to commit suicide.
Women who have happy, healthy marriages are - emotionally and physically healthier, wealthier, better relationships with their children, less likely to be victims of abuse, less likely to commit suicide.
A Happy healthy marriage benefits everyone in the family unit. And there's always room for improvement.

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