Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fat, shortening and butter - Oh No I didn't!

Yes, yes I did in fact! I tried this yummy recipe tonight I found on a fellow Christian mom/wife blog I follow. It was called caramelized green beans. Here's the recipe - http://homecookinginmontana.blogspot.com/2011/01/caramelized-green-beans-with.htmlmaking these green beans, maybe I can do something delectable with my potatoes too!". So I took regular white baking potatoes I had bought from the local farmers market and diced them thick. I took the chicken drippings (oh yes I did!) and drizzled them on the potatoes along with a tablespoon of butter (what a scandal!). I added a generous amount of salt and pepper and baked them for 1/2 hour at 425 degree heat. Oh man..they were too good for words. I love using meat drippings for cooking other foods. I have even used the meat drippings in place of butter! For Thanksgiving I took the Turkey "juices" and tossed fresh brussel sprouts in it. Added some salt and pepper and broiled them under low heat until the outside started turning brown and crispy. Amazing! Happy Cooking!

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  1. Caroline, SO glad you liked the green beans...but the rest of your meal sounds incredibly delicious as well.
    I, too, love to add meat "juices" on veggies...It makes them taste super yummy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me your feedback...Have a wonderful day!~Elllie