Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cooking, baking and serving OH MY!

I decided that in 2011 I would take my love of cooking and baking to a whole new level. Let me first say I LOVE TO COOK AND BAKE! I mean love it! I could cook and bake all day! Give me an oven, cooking/baking supplies and a laptop playing an 80's pop on Pandora, and I'm in heaven! So, I decided to use my cooking as my hobbie. And to challenge myself to make EVERYTHING in my power. To not buy anything from the store that I think I can make at home. Since it's winter, the things I will still buy from the store will be meats, cheeses (let's face it, I can't possibly make better cheese than the stae of Wisconsin!), yogurts, fruits and vegetables (which I will grow over the much as I can) and eggs (will be getting chickens at some point that is only temporary).
So far I have been making cookies to start. No more buying oreos or Chips Ahoy, when I can make any cookie out there! Next I found a recipe for ritz like crackers and made them. They were a hit! I will make donuts this weekend and bagels next week. My husband has requested soft pretzels. I am findin it so satisfying to to challenge myself like this. To know that I can be as self sufficient as I can be. I will be sharing the recipes I find so you too can try your hand at these easy and delicious foods!
Homemade ritz cracker recipe


  1. homeade ritz crackers sound yummy!


  2. "To not buy anything from the store that I think I can make at home."

    That is absolutely my philosophy. I cringe when I buy something I can make. What a wonderful goal for this year - you will find yourself so satisfied with how nourished your family will be!

    I have SO MANY recipes on my blog for homemade goodies, as well as more cookbooks that most people would know what to do with. If you're ever looking for a recipe, let me know!

    In Christ,