Saturday, January 15, 2011

My plans and goals for 2011

My wonderful husband bought me this super cool book today! It's called "Country Wisdom and Know How" - . I am so excited to delve into it! It looks like it will be a very valuable resource for me and my family in this upcoming year. Another thing I'd love to get is some of these DVDs -
I have decided this year to become as self sufficient as we possibly can. I would love to live a rural, farm life in our suburban neighborhood. How cool, right? I want to expand my little raised garden beds, adding 2 to 4 more. Growing all sorts of vegetables to store, freeze, cook, ect. I wouldn't mind learning the art of canning and preserving either. I have already started on my journey of making everything in my power from scratch. I make my own bread now, my own cheesy crackers, cookies, breakfast pastries and baked goods, pastas, ect. I plan to learn all I can about gardening and working my little land. I plan to work towards getting chickens. Having the kids experience raising them and taking care of them and collecting their eggs. I use a lot of eggs now that I am making everything from scratch. I want to teach my girls the home arts. Cooking, baking, sewing and the proper care of a house. I just want to be as self sufficient as I can be, and work the land we have, and life the best life I can. I want to put my all into making our house a warm home. I want to be present in every moment of my children's lives. And I want to be the best woman/ mother and wife I can be. A real Proverbs 31 woman! God has really been calling to me this winter. I always say when I pray to him "I am open to whatever it is you want and need me to do. Show me the way, and I will follow". I have always felt that being a Mom and wife and managing a home was a niche' of mine...but now I feel that God is showing me that THIS is my calling. And others may scoff at this. Say I am anti-feminist, or must be brainwashed. I don't care. This is where I feel my best. This is where I know in my heart that I belong. And I will follow him, where ever he leads me! Peace!


  1. My husband's Christmas gift to me was the complete collection of the Homestead Blessings dvds. They were on special just before Christmas (something like 50% off). They are great! My mom, sister-in-law, good friend, and I have all had fun watching them. I have been inspired to start fixing and adding to an old yoyo quilt top I had, I made soap for the first time, and I have made bread. Oh, I also started sprouting (though I don't think one of their dvds showed this) and have planned my garden for this year with tons of should see their garden. I want one like it! You will LOVE these videos. Tell your hubby that they would make a great mother's day/birthday combo gift, if at all possible. Maybe Vision Forum will have a special again soon.



  2. Thank you Heather! They sound so awesome!! I like your idea..Mother's day/ Birthday is a terrific idea!! Thanks!