Monday, October 10, 2011

Oops, I did it again.

My husband left on Sunday for a week. I am out of sorts. I miss him so completely when he is gone, and feel an ache for him to come home from work every evening. Saturday was a day from hell. You know the kind, nothing you planned on doing works out. Things go wrong, and you get on each other's nerves.
We had an argument. He said something I took to heart. He didn't mean to. Let's face it, Men are different aren't they? Wonderful, but different. I took it to heart and decided to not let it go. I had the option to let it go. It was my choice to make. But I decided to hold on tight. And remind him through the day about what he said and more and more reasons why it hurt.
I tried to enjoy our last evening together (for a week), but that stupid comment kept getting in the way. Excuse me, I KEPT LETTING it get in the way. I took it to bed with me. They say you should never go to bed angry. That night I had a nightmare that he left me. I have those dreams often when we fight. But this night was different. This night, instead of waking in the morning to him and talking things over, I awoke to "I have to go, I'll see you Babe." I felt sad. Why couldn't I have just let the comment go? Enjoyed that Saturday, even though the WHOLE DAY didn't go as planned (not even one bit).
We briefly talked. He left.. I can not wait to see him again. To make up.
These men are our spouses. Our life partners. The loves of our lives!! Don't let silly comments (not even meant to hurt) get to you. Don't let them ruin your day. Love your husband like he's going away from the week, every day!

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  1. Hi Caroline

    I know exactly what you mean.. I've done this more times than I can count! Coincidentally, my husband is also away for a week :( At least there's Skype now and cell phones we can text from! When we first got married and he had to travel I had to hope he could call me from the hotel room at least a couple of times!

    I pray for both of our husbands to be safe in their travels and for the time to pass quickly and productively for us.

    God bless!