Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Spreading the Word

Hello! I have a couple things for you to check out! One is for The Fuel Project. There is a DVD out entitled "Know your Enemy" that they put out, that you can view in little parts on Youtube. There are SO many, but they are worth your time, TRUST ME! Go to: The Fuel Project to check these out.  Very interesting and thorough information.
The next is this particular article from Glen Beck: Glen Beck being prepared . I think God has spoken to a lot of Christian's all over to be prepared for SOMETHING (don't know exactly what) in the near future. The Lord spoke to us last year in January. And we have found since that SO MANY people have "heard" and felt the same things.
Just wanted to share those two things for you now. Thanks for stopping by! Peace to you all!

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