Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Bash 2011!!

Good Morning! My name is Caroline and I am a Happily serving wife and mother. I was not always a believer. In fact, I grew up sort of being afraid of the church. When I met my husband I was a sort of believer - meaning I believed there was SOMETHING out there, just not sure what. My husband was raised Catholic, but also never attended church. When we met we knew instantly that we were soul mates. We used to dream together about our lives and the things we would do. Together we have had 3 wonderful kids (14, 6 and 4), been through tragedies, wonderful times, and have grown SO MUCH in our Christian faith. I feel so blessed that the Lord stood by me, and guided me to the life we have now.
I am a very old fashioned kinda gal. I believe very strongly in old fashioned family values and morals. I did go to college, but chose to stay home for my family. I home school my two younger children ( and I am working on my 14 year old!). I love teaching! I am also a Sunday school teacher AND I help teach the confirmation classes at my church. I think a woman staying home is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB a woman can have! To manage and run a household AND properly raise children is a hard job! But oh so worth it!!
I absolutely love to bake! In fact, I feel the Lord spoke to me about a year ago, to try and make all I could from scratch. I started a blog about this called TheDIYGourmet . Since then I have not bought any cookies or bread. I have been busy with homeschooling, and don't update as often as I would like, BUT Please check me out! I believe that God has spoken to my family to be prepared for times ahead. I think learning to cook as much as humanly possible from scratch will be crucial!
I also love to knit (though I am still an amateur), trying to learn to sew, I love to exercise and eat healthy, am ALWAYS yearning to learn more about God. One of my BIGGEST passions is to soak up all the information (and pass it along) on how to be a Godly wife and mother. You can never have a TOO good marriage or be TOO good of a mother!! I enjoy camping and family hiking (this activity can save your family! It did mine!!).
Thank you so much for stopping by! I will be checking out many blogs myself! Peace to you all!!

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