Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Becoming More of A Minimalist

Before I begin, let me say "This is not my home" in this picture. But doesn't this room give you a quiet sense of calm and relaxation? A sort of peace in simplicity? Me too!!
The economy is crazy. Where it's headed is uncertain, and times ahead are looking rough. The times are calling for us all to start getting comfortable with what we have. And to not have so much of it.
 I have always been a minimalist of sorts. I have always had a few (very good) friends. I don't like clutter. I don't decorate a whole lot.
But I realized over the years I have accumulated STUFF. In fact, I didn't realize HOW cluttered my house had gotten, until I went to a good friend's house who is even MORE of a minimalist than I am. And the open spaces of her house, the bare walls here and there, the simple furniture (they also have no TV, which I whole heatedly admire!). It made me realize "I've gotten away from my minimalist roots." I had gotten sucked into the consumerism mindset, and was all about buying.
So what I decided to do was go through my house, room by room. Not only de-clutter, but REALLY cut down on the AMOUNT of things I had. Bare walls are OK. Bare tabletops (ie: no centerpiece - GASP) is OK too. I even got my kiddos involved. They gave away a BUNCH of toys they just didn't play with anymore. I went through clothes, pictures, decorations, tables, kitchen utensils, etc and either put them away to sell, or GAVE THEM AWAY!
It feels very clean, easy and calm having your house de-cluttered. I like being a minimalist, because there's less to worry about.
This mind set will also help you out in the coming debt crisis. Being happy with what you have, or being satisfied with getting by with only as much as you need is such a healthy feeling!! Hopefully I'll inspire someone to cut back on what they have/consume, and maybe to give it away to helps others LESS FORTUNATE than themselves. It's something that Jesus called us to do. "Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." ~ Mathew 19:21

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  1. It's funny....that when I look at the bare walls, I cringe:) I guess I'm not a minimalist! I live in an old farmhouse, with walls covered in signs that say "simplify", yet I have something in every empty space because that's what appeals to me.
    However, I wholeheartedly believe that we have become obsessed with stuff!
    I have learned over the years, to only spend money on what truly expresses who I am. I hate knick knacks and I don't buy my kids little junk toys anymore (happy meals, birthday junk bags, etc.) I've cleaned out their rooms way too many times and thrown out all the little toys that some other poor mom spent her hard earned money on.
    Good post!