Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Things

Today I entered a contest, on a blog that I follow, to win the book "One Thousand Gifts". I have been hearing a TON of buzz around this book (all wonderful things) and even a beautiful journal a woman made in conjunction to this book. I am praying that I win this book! Anyways, in order to submit an entry, you had to leave a comment about 10 gifts from God that you were thankful for. I wanted to post my list here, and encourage you all to do the same! Or leave me comments with your 10 things. It feels good to think about the blessings you have in your life (and don't forget to thanks and praise God for these gifts - for HE gave them to you!!). Peace be with you all!!

Here are my 10 things!
1. My husband who is also my soul mate
2. my children who each hold a piece of my heart.
3. I have a house to make a home
4. I have a car to get me places I need to go
5. I have a gift and love of cooking
6. I have money to buy food to cook
7.I have a wonderful church!
8. My friends are few, but they are cherished!
9. That the tragedies I have gone through,(I've had some doozies) have only brought me closer to the Lord!
10. That the Lord gave us the gift of prayer, to talk to him and ask him for the changes we need in our lives!


  1. Those a beautiful blessings, good luck on the contest!

  2. This book has changed how I look and perceive everything around me! I am learning to see God's gifts in my life and experiencing joy like never before.