Friday, February 11, 2011

Loving what you do

I saw this great post about what it truly means to be a Homemaker today. It was on the blog, Please go check it out!!
She talked about how Homemaking is often viewed - "Over the years, the “picture” of what a homemaker is, or should be, has faded into one of drudgery, where a dull-minded, incapable woman fulfills her endless, boring duties of cleaning toilets, washing dishes, and vacuuming, reaping no rewards or satisfaction. She has a few children, which makes her job even harder, and the best she can hope for is the day they start school. This picture is being constantly promoted, devastating the sanctity of home and any desire to guard and keep it." - Kelly Crawford
I agree with her. It's funny because I have been a Homemaker for 13 years now. When it was all new to me, and I had only 1 child, it was a breeze. I actually enjoyed it! When my daughter was around 5, we finally were able to buy our own house. I was so proud! I deep cleaned the whole house weekly, and really took care of it. But as the years went on, and I had 2 more kids, I found that I TOO fell into this way of viewing homemaking!! I used to say "I gave up my life and career for this." I felt like I was living this boring life of forced manual labor. I loved being home with my kids, that was the good part of it all, But the cleaning, not so much. In fact I would get so frustrated and overwhelmed over the mess and same routine every day.
And then Something happened. Something clicked. It was the week after Christmas. I'll never forget that week. My husband took off work for the whole week. It was cold and snowy outside. We locked ourselves in our nice, warm, cozy house and did NOTHING. I cleaned as needed. I baked and cooked fabulous dinners. I had all the time in the world to soak in my family, to pray and to really take in my surroundings. I was able to think about my life. I was able to let God speak to me. And what God told me is what I felt ALL those years ago! This is where I am MEANT to be! I have always known I was meant to be a Mom. And I always knew I was meant to be here 100% for my kids. Always them first. But God showed me that week that I was MEANT to manage my home. That this is where I belong. This is where I shine!!
I now take that week with me where ever I go, and with whatever I do. I now see my duties in a whole new light! I plan and schedule and have cleaning routines. I live in the moment while I'm cleaning, KNOWING that I am serving my family, and The Lord. I don't look at my daily chores as "A nightmare I relive every single day" (I actually have used that analogy before when speaking to other women about housework). No, I smile when I scrub the floor (and put my best effort into it), I delight at seeing a freshly vacuumed house. I love to smell the wonderful fragrance of a freshly cleaned bathroom. I know that I am serving my family the very best I can, and doing it out of sheer love! That's when Homemaking goes from being the daily grind, to a labor of love!
Maybe you feel lost in your "daily grind". Maybe you need to quiet yourself and listen to God for guidance. Where do you feel you shine? We need to remember that we are to humble ourselves and serve the Lord in everything we do. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men," - Colossians 3:23
Peace Everyone!!


  1. Oh, what a blessing that God was able to show you His vision for our beautiful calling as women!!
    I still remember when it finally dawned on me that it isn't all about housework either.

  2. beautiful post! there are days that feel so unchanging and hard and full of work but on those days, I can remind myself of that amazing calling we have to be homemakers. Pouring into our children and our husbands is a God-given blessing! loved your post :) visiting from ifellowship

  3. I struggle with the housework part. In my head I know its my calling but I'm still working on finding the joy in my heart. I love the cooking, I love the homeschooling, I love it all: but the housework chores...Your post serves as a great reminder and inspiration.

  4. Beautifully put. The one of the wonderful things about embracing my role is that I am never out opportunities to love and serve my family. I call that "job security".

  5. This is a great reminder for me as I get so discouraged by house work. It just seems to always be there, no matter how hard I work.

    Just need to remember to stay in that moment - make each day it's own and don't worry about tomorrow or think about yesterday. Today is today--let's live like it, right?! :)
    Joyful Mothering

  6. My sentiments exactly! In fact - I just wrote a letter to my pastor this week, explaining this very thing; reminding him that some women are called to serve in the home and not everywhere else.