Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homemade Oreo cookies!

My little ones were home sick today, so I took the opportunity to stay indoors and bake, clean and organize my house! I also got to play with my kiddos! It's funny because I really needed the down time, and God delivered right on time! He is great!!
My oldest daughter asked me if I could get Oreos from the store for her, when I went grocery shopping this week. I said "I'll do even better, I'll MAKE some for you!". So today I took the time to make some homemade Oreo cookies! Here is the recipe below -
They were a success! The kids love them!! And they are not too much work. The only tip I can give is this - when you roll out the dough it says to lightly flour your surface. I had to be a bit liberal with the flour, so it didn't stick on my surface and my rolling pin. Have fun!