Sunday, June 12, 2011

Starting Another Blog!

I am starting ANOTHER blog here on blogger, but NOT deleting this one. My new blog is in ADDITION to my existing blog. My new blog is called . I made the challenge to myself 6 months ago to try my HARDEST to make everything I could for my family from scratch (we're talking food right now). I had a few girlfriends tell me that they wished they could do that, and I decided to start a blog sharing recipes and tips on how to make everything you can from scratch! I will also allow people to leave comments about their favorite foods they eat out, and we'll see if they can recreate them! You don't need fancy equipment or a culinary degree, just a desire to eat a simpler diet, void of additives, preservatives, dyes, MSG AND high fructose corn syrup. My recipes coming up this week will be homemade apple butter, bread (white and cheddar cheese) and old fashion oatmeal muffins. Won't you follow me on my journey?


  1. Hi Caroline.. I'd love to follow your new blog.. I like baking and cooking things from scratch too. Look forward to sharing and learning with you.

  2. I have a recipe/cooking blog too! ! Going now to follow yours!

    Oh and my old blog, Crazy for the Country has a new name and location! Come on over and say howdy and be sure to follow!